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Kashtan 1P78 Tactical Combat scope PK-01V Military Red Dot Scope POSP 6x42 Pro Scope UTG Gen 4 Red/Green Dot Scope

Great shooting Begins with a Great Optic

Find great deals on Russian Scopes and Red Dot.


Rifles are great, but without the right Optics you are limited on your ability to see the target and but the round where you want it. With the addition of a high Quality Russian or Eastern European Scope or Red dot sight you extend your ability to hit exactly where you want. Whether target shooting or hunting these scopes and red dot sights make great additions to your AK  or VEPR rifle. The Kashtan 1P78 scope is designed specifically for the AK74 round 5.45x39 and feature a built in BDC for it. The PK-01V Red Dot scope is perfect for any AK, VEPR, or Saiga rifle or shotgun. The POSP 6x42 Scope is a perfect addition for the Russian VEPR 7.62x54r rifle and a great for a hunting rifle. 

We also have a great selection of the low price and quality UTG scopes and Red/Green dot scopes

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