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Arsenal AK74 Muzzle Break

Manufacturer Number: AK-143US
Manufacturer Name: Arsenal
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Arsenal AK74 Muzzle Break

These are US made by Arsenal for the AK74 rifle with 24x1.5mm right-hand threads, it will work with 5.45x39 & 5.56x45 caliber but not 7.62x39. The compensator is made in one piece and incorporates the ever popular cresset design. The one-piece design creates a perfectly symmetric compensator, resulting in an equal amount of excess gas escape and uniform recoil reduction with no negative effect on accuracy.

To ensure the longevity of the unit and to protect from the eroding forces of extreme heat and gases, the compensator is internally plated with hard chrome. The chroming also provides protection from corrosive effect of water and some ammunition.

NOTE: Although these breaks are the same they may NOT have 'red' stamped as shown.

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