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SKS 75rd Drum mag

Manufacturer Number: SKS-75rd drum
Manufacturer Name: Asian
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SKS 75rd Drum mag

7.62x39 caliber, Black steel, Asian made.

These are the ultimate in high capacity magazines for the SKS rifle (7.62x39), the spring design allows for loading of 75rds for storage without affecting the spring. Just crank the spring down when you are ready to use it. Brand new. They are very solid built mags that really add a lot of fun to shooting your SKS rifle.

These should fit any SKS rifle, for some rifles you might have to modify the mag to fit it.

This is considered a High Capacity magazine and because of this there are several states that restrict these magazines. We have information on state magazine restriction on our site, please go to Magazine Shipping Restriction to verify that you are legal to purchase and own this magazine before purchasing.