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VEPR AK47 Rifle .308 23 Inch Barrel

Manufacturer Number: VEPR 308 23
Manufacturer Name: Molot
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VEPR AK47 Rifle .308 23 Inch Barrel - Russian

Slant back receiver, Excellent wood stock set, threaded cap barrel.

We have a limited supply of the Russian Vepr rifles, these are built at the Vyatskie Polyany Machine Building Plant (Molot) in Russia. They are built on the same standard as the RPK style machine guns, Vepr is 50% more reinforced than a standard stamped AK rifle. Each rifle has been manufactured using state of the art technology, effectively creating a heavier duty piece that will last through not just a lifetime but for many generations to come. The RPK-style barrels are hammer forged and chrome lined using techniques that make them four to five times stronger than a standard AK or RPK barrel.

These are the slant back receiver VEPR rifles. The wood stock sets on these rifles are very nice finished sets. The barrels are threaded and then capped.

The VEPR AK47 .308 features the following:

  • .308 Win Caliber semi-auto rifle
  • Hammer forged & chrome lined 23 Inch barrel
  • Excellent Wood thumb-hole butt-stock and hand guards
  • Capped and threaded barrel.
  • Side Scope Rail
  • 10 & 5 Round Mag
  • Cleaning Kit & Rod

California Customers- We are now offering the Solar Tactical Magazine locks for the VEPR .308 rifle. To order please add the Solar Tactical mag lock to your VEPR rifle order- you can find the Mag locks Here.

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