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VZ.58 Military Folder - Polymer 7.62x39

Manufacturer Number: Military folder-Poly
Manufacturer Name: Czechpoint
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VZ.58 Military Folder - Polymer 7.62x39

  The Sa vz.58 Military are imported rifles from Czechoslovakia and manufactured D-Technic, Czechpoint USA then modifies them into the military configuration and installs the necessary US parts to meet the 922r restrictions. They are built on milled receiver, they are 7.62x39 caliber and take all standard ammo corrosive and non-corrosive), and they have Czech made cold hammer forged chrome lined barrels. This model offers the same attributes as the vz. 58 Military Folder, but with modern polymer furniture (handguard assembly and pistol grip available in black color only). This rifle features a Czech made polymer handguard assembly and an Israeli made polymer pistol grip (with empty compartment inside grip for parts/battery storage). The pistol grip is highly ergonomic and is considered by many to be the most comfortable of all grips available. Unique texture on polymer furniture prevents slipping.

vz 58 US Parts:

The five USA made parts on the vz. 58 High Capacity Sporter are: sear, disconnector (both made from metal 4140 steel), trigger, magazine follower, and magazine floor plate (made from polymer Leona 90 G 60 and Zytel ST 801). All parts have been extensively test fired and passed without a single failure

The VZ.58 Military Folder- Polymer 7.62x39 comes with:

  • 2 Alloy 30 round magazines
  • Sling
  • Cleaning kit
  • CD.

Advantages of Sa vz. 58 over AK47 rifles

  • All vz. 58 rifles possess a milled receiver; the vast majority of AK47s utilize stamped sheet metal receivers and are not as rigid as the vz.58 receiver.
  • Even with the milled receiver it is almost one pound lighter than a stamped AK47.
  • The bolt of the vz. 58 stays open after the last round in the magazine has been fired the shooter immediately knows the firearm is empty and allows for quicker reloads.
  • The vz. 58 can be reloaded with stripper clips while the magazine is inserted in the rifle.
  • The vz. 58 has a more natural point of aim and is faster handling.
  • The safety is more ergonomic making a faster first shot possible with the vz. 58. Unlike the AK safety, the vz. 58 safety can be operated by just a forefinger with the hand remaining on the pistol grip.
  • vz.58 has no need for an ejection port dust cover as the receiver is completely enclosed. A cover (on the safety lever) must be used on the AK47 to prevent debris from entering the receiver through the reciprocating charging handle slot.
  • The ejection port is HUGE. There is no chance of an empty case getting stuck in the action of the vz. 58.
  • The vz. 58 gas piston can be removed or exchanged without tools.
  • The alloy magazine of the vz. 58 is half the weight of the steel AK47 magazine.
  • The vz. 58 is striker fired unlike the hammer fired AK47. This reduces the number of parts and possible points of failure.


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